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Environmental And Community Efforts


Over the years we have sponsored countless initiatives, projects and individuals looking always to benefit our community, our country and the environment.

The name has changed and now we hear corporate social responsibility, responsible business or others.  We call them simply our Environmental and Community Efforts:


  • Morpho Vans participates in Pack for a Purpose to provide shoes and sports equipment to community groups in El Bosque de Peñas Blancas.  Read more here…


  • Morpho Vans supports “Connecting Opportunities“, a local Non Profit focused on creating connections between groups and people in need  from our neighboring communities, with local and international institutions or individuals who are interested in investing resources to help those in need.  Visit the Connecting Opportunities website.


  • Morpho Vans sponsors “Ciclismo Fortuna Todo Terreno”.  This is an initiative of a group of kids and parents, who go biking together a couple of times a week.  They have a small fleet of bikes people have donated, so the kids from the community who don’t have bikes can participate.  This project has a Facebook page:


  • Morpho Vans sponsors a group of Physical Education students from the National University in Heredia,  to come and work with the kids for free during school vacations and weekends.


  • With other parents they created a community basquet-ball club where all the kids from 6 to 18 could participate.  Those who can, pay a small fee to help finance the coach’s salary and equipment.  Those kids who can’t afford it simply don’t pay as long as they do well in school.  About a third of the kids don’t pay at all.  The club also has a page here:


  • Until very recently all the used engine oil in Costa Rica was burned in the cement factories producing harmful gases, or simply dumped in our rivers and fields.  Since the year 2014 used engine oil is being collected and recycled by a business named Lubricantes Next Gen LNG – MetaLub.   This is still a small scale operation with limited capacity outside the metropolitan area of San Jose, but Morpho Vans is strongly promoting the use of recycled engine oil in our vehicles.  We invite you to visit the LNG-Meta Lub website:


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