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Monteverde Road Construction Update 2014

by | Sep 26, 2014

The latest information regarding the improvement of the route to Monteverde in 2018 is here:


The main road going up to Monteverde has been under major construction for several months now.  The slow and dangerous gravel road is becoming a wider, faster and safer route.


Machines working on road construction

Photo courtesy of the Foro de Monteverde


Photo courtesy of the Foro de Monteverde

Photo courtesy of the Foro de Monteverde


Starting this week the road is going to be closed from 6:30 am to 5 pm.  This means most people coming/going to the airport will need to use these alternate roads:

  • Las Juntas – this is the route we normally use when coming from Guanacaste or Liberia.  Very steep gravel route but ok for all except the very low vehicles.
  • Tilarán – this is the route used by the Jeep-boat-jeep and those coming from Arenal.  Also a steep gravel road that becomes difficult under rainy conditions.

Morpho Vans’ drivers are familiar with these alternate routes and we’ll keep operating private transfers to Monteverde and Santa Elena without interruptions.  Travel time from San Jose, however, will be about one hour longer than usual.

These all-day closures will continue until the end of October 2014.  We must say we are pleased to see the heaviest of the construction being done during September and October, the lowest tourism season of the year.

Hummingbird in Monteverde

Violet Sabrewing Hummingbird in Monteverde

At Morpho Vans we look forward to a better and safer road to this classic Cloud Forest destination, so more people can enjoy the magical foggy landscape and the spectacular creatures of the Monteverde Cloud Forest, like the hummingbird in the image.

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