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How we add value to transportation in Costa Rica

by | Dec 7, 2012

As Costa Rica becomes a mature travel destination, we believe the country must offer more sophisticated services and always more additional value.

Transportation is a relatively simple service, one van, one driver and there you go.

The are a few basics, the core of the transportation service:

  • Driver shows up on time to pick you up
  • Vehicle is clean when they pick you up
  • Safe defensive driving is provided by professionals with several years of experience driving for local and international tourists
  • You are covered by the right insurance

Everyone has all this.  Well… maybe not everyone but you shouldn’t travel with those who don’t.

And now this is how Morpho Vans adds more value:

  • You are greeted by the VIP Airport Greeting Service as soon as you clear immigration.  (provided by Canatur to all passengers we pick up at SJO airport)
  • Your driver will be waiting for you even if your flight is late.  We monitor your flight number so we’ll know exactly when you’ll arrive at the airport
  • You don’t pay extra if your flight is late or even cancelled
  • You’ll easily find us at the airport:  the Canatur staff will walk with you to the terminal exit and make sure you meet our driver.  He will be holding a sign with your name and our logo with the blue morpho butterfly, so you will easily identify him
  • You can make stops along the way whenever you need it.  We always offer one hour worth of stops or waiting time in every long distance private transfer.  Feel free to stop  to buy snaks, use the bathroom, or even eat the restaurant and take pictures of those howler monkeys
  • Book your trip in one phone call or one email.  Our Simple Reservation Process is that simple
  • Get discounts on selected tours in Arenal Volcano.  We’ll be adding more discounted tours in Manuel Antonio and Tamarindo very soon.
  • You can call us anytime if you need assistance.  We really don’t mind answering your call in the middle of the night, if we can help you in an emergency.

Plus there are many other small details, also worth mentioning like:

  • An umbrella!!  We live in the rainforest and as simple as this sounds, we believe it adds value for you
  • On most trips you’ll find a cool water bottle in the van when we pick you up
  • If your trip celebrates a birthday, an anniversary or if it is a honeymoon, tell us in advance and we’ll offer a small detail

I believe all these additional services, big or small, set us apart from the rest of the transportation companies in Costa Rica.

If you have a suggestion for a way to add value to our services, don’t hesitate to write or call us.

Oh!  I must also mention that we are right now working with a local agency to certify our private transportation in Costa Rica as Carbon Neutral in 2013.  But I’ll tell you more about this very soon.


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